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Britain’s vanishing flowers

Plantlife report reveals the shocking number of wildflowers that have become extinct in Britain during the sixty year Reign of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

September 13 2012

Counties across Britain are losing wild flowers that have been locally present for centuries.

The findings of Our Vanishing Flora makes for stark reading and shows that the rate of loss of wild flora in Britain is accelerating. If this continues Plantlife warns that the countryside of the future will be far less colourful and will contradict any claim that Britain practices sustainable development.

  • Since botanical records began in the 17th century, 80 species (flowering plants, mosses, liverworts and lichens) have become extinct in Britain; on a country level the figures are even higher – England has lost 106, Wales 102 and Scotland 97.
  • Downy hemp-nettle, summer lady’s tresses and purple spurge are among the ten species of wild flowers that have become extinct during the 60 year reign of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Experts predict a further 13 species that could face a similar fate.
  • Many of the losers are flowers that we love and would like to see more often, such as campions, clovers and vetches, violets and speedwells, orchids and bright cornfield flowers

If you would like to receive a finished copy of Our Vanishing Flora, please send your name and address to A PDF of the report can also be downloaded via the link below.