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Our vanishing flora – next steps: Coronation Meadows

March 12 2013

Since the publication of Our Vanishing Flora, many of you have got in touch to express your shock at the scale of decline and with offers of help.

Many of you were particularly struck by the idea of ‘coronation meadows’ that our Patron His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales wrote about in his Foreword to the report. We are delighted to confirm that HRH has now asked Plantlife to take this initiative forward and we are currently working with partners on shaping the project, including the funding that will be needed.

This is a project that will do three things: identify and celebrate the best county meadows as Coronation Meadows, use seed/green hay and good management techniques from these meadows to restore and create a new generation of Coronation Meadows, and, create the first ever national map of meadows across the UK.

It is shocking to realise that, despite the statistic that we have lost nearly 7.4 million acres of meadows since the 1930s, meadows are still being destroyed. Celebrating the best, creating new meadows and recording where they are will make a great difference to our ability to conserve these remaining landscapes with their remarkably diverse flora and wildlife.

If you would like to be kept in touch with our plans for the project, please send us your contact details and information about your interest in meadows to

Coronation Meadows is just one aspect of Plantlife’s work focusing on meadows and their associated flora. Click on any of the links below to find out more: