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Patchwork Meadow on display in Edinburgh

Scotland shows “sew” much support for giant tapestry of Britain’s wildflowers.

August 15 2013

One of the displays at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh.

One of the displays at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh.

A giant patchwork tapestry that includes hundreds of beautiful handmade squares made by people from across Britain is now on display at the gallery of the John Hope Gateway Visitor Centre of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Plantlife’s “Patchwork Meadow” is a unique piece of public art that tells the stories of wildflowers from pre-history to present day. Britain has a long lasting love affair with wildflowers, our native plants and flowers are scattered throughout literature, history, art, folklore and fashion. The project celebrates this heritage and Plantlife hope people will come and see the wonderful work that is now on display and who knows, even be inspired to create their own square!

Seona Anderson, from Plantlife explains “This project has reignited people’s passion for wildflowers. Each handmade square celebrates their beauty and shows how deeply wild flowers are embedded in our society and culture. The 600 squares sent in already have amazed us, made us think, laugh and cry. They have bought to life people’s deep connections to wild flowers; the way they evoke our memories, lift our spirits, support us and inspire us. Across Britain we’ve seen patches inspired by wildflowers in people’s favourite places, in Shakespeare’s plays and Rabbie Burns poems, in the Harry Potter stories and the Clan badges of Scotland”

The Patchwork Meadow will be on display from the 13th August until the 23rd of September.