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Plantlife announces new Chairman

Professor David Hill CBE is the new Chairman of the charity's Board of Trustees.

October 05 2015

Since his boyhood growing up in Derbyshire, David has had a strong personal interest in wildlife conservation. 

One of the things he is most passionate about is conserving and managing wildlife habitat - in particular his wildflower meadows in Upper Swaledale and at home in Nidderdale.  

David is a founding member of Natural England and its Deputy Chair since 2011, and a Board member of the JNCC. He helped set up Natural England’s Board Innovation Group to generate novel ideas and business models to secure better outcomes for the natural environment. David was also a member of the government’s Ecosystem Markets Taskforce and is Chair of the Northern Upland Chain Nature Partnership covering the vast upland areas of the Yorkshire Dales and Northumberland National Parks, Nidderdale and North Pennines Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Forest of Bowland. He is a Board member of the National Association of AONB's and Is Chairman and owner/founder of The Environment Bank Ltd, which he established to promote investment into nature and natural capital.

"I can’t imagine a life without both the tranquility and drama that nature provides. To be able to make a contribution, however small in the scheme of things, to protecting, conserving, enhancing and restoring nature, is, I feel, immeasurably important. 

At our home in Nidderdale we now have nearly 100 acres of fully restored meadows. The short sward in spring gives the meadow flowers chance to grow and bloom and the hay we harvest is fabulous quality and the scent from it is extraordinary... We also own a part of the Muker Meadows Special Area of Conservation in Upper Swaledale which were chosen as a Coronation Meadow for which we are very proud.

Biodiverse plant communities not only have major intrinsic appeal, they usually indicate either sustainable management or non-intervention over millennia, providing a critical link to our cultural heritage. Plantlife is a really important organisation because it undertakes the unique science to enable wonderful places and their rich flora to be conserved, enhanced and managed for future generations. I am proud to be Plantlife's new Chairman; it has a great reputation and I want to help it to grow, to gain further influence and to ensure the conservation of wild plants gets the attention it justly deserves".

"David has devoted his life to conservation" says Plantlife CEO Marian Spain. "He shares the passion we have at Plantlife for good management, as exemplified through his work restoring his meadows in Yorkshire. He also shares our belief in the need to reach out and engage people and communities in caring for wildflowers and wild plants.  Combine this with his commercial business interests and experience, knowledge of nature conservation policy at government level, and interest in innovation for wildlife, David will be a wonderful chairman and valuable  addition to the skills of the board of Trustees and we welcome him warmly."