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Plantlife expert turns TV presenter

Plantlife’s Trevor Dines is one of the new faces of “Wild Things”, a Channel 4 series starting Monday 21 January.

January 17 2013

Leading botanist and Plantlife Cymru Conservation Manager Dr. Trevor Dines will join Landscape designer Chris Myers and lichenologist Sally Eaton as they go in search of Britain’s Wild Things.

Britain’s landscape has changed dramatically over the last 50 years, wild plants, bushes and trees have disappeared and new plants have become familiar. Following one of the biggest natural history projects ever undertaken our team will use a new scientific survey of wild plant maps to reveal what grows where today. From remote mountain tops to murky urban bogs their wild plant hunts will take them all over Britain as they attempt to unlock the secrets of the wild- often in the most unlikely places.

It was the pull of the plants that brought Trevor north to Snowdonia where he studied botany at Bangor University. This diverse landscape, with its rolling mountains, isolated beaches and all the new and wonderful plants in between, fuelled and continues to fuel many of his wild plant hunts and investigations. He’s never left, later adding a PhD in plant architecture to his ever expanding plant knowledge.

As co-author of the New Atlas of the British and Irish Flora (2002), Trevor scoured vast areas of the British Isles recording plants as well as co-ordinating the collation of nine million different records from volunteers all over the country.

Wild Things starts on the 21 January 2013 at 8.30 pm.

Get a sneak peek of Trevor in action from the first programme below.

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