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The quiet man of conservation

Plantlife pay tribute to the Hon. Vincent Weir

March 03 2014

Plantlife was extremely sad to learn that Vincent Weir has passed away.

Vincent was a significant presence in Plantlife’s past and present, and will remain so in our future. Few of us, staff or trustees, had the pleasure of meeting him, as he preferred to remain in the background; but we all knew how significant his support was and how deeply he believed in our cause.

Saving wild plants and the places where they grow was what he wanted to help us do, and he did.  He was delighted when we dedicated part of our Ryewater Farm reserve in Dorset to him - not because of having his name attached to a reserve, but simply because such a place exists.

Without Vincent, Plantlife would not have survived the early years, and without Vincent Plantlife would not be the flourishing organisation it is today. We like to think that, without Plantlife, wild plants and fungi in the UK would not be flourishing either and so we would simply like to say, thank you Vincent -  on behalf of Plantlife, and all those who care about our wild flora, thank you.