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What are their issues?

A focus on medicinal plants goes to the heart of some major questions of conservation and the use of biological diversity. Conservation and livelihoods are closely linked with medicinal plants. If conserved, medicinal plants will continue to be available to provide continuing benefits for healthcare, income and support of cultural heritage.

The conservation issues include:

  • How can species and their genetic diversity be conserved?
  • How can sustainability be assured in cases of both wild collection and cultivation?
  • How can people's interest in medicinal plants serve as a motivator for conservation of habitats and their species?

The livelihood issues include:

  • How can the health benefits of medicinal plants best be made available at local, national and international levels?
  • How should the responsibilities, benefits and costs of managing and exploiting these resources be distributed?

Click here for a review paper on the conservation and livelihood issues(pdf 240kb).

Click here for a discussion paper on resource assessment for sustainable harvesting of medicinal plants (pdf 240kb).

Click here for a review paper on sustainable harvesting (pdf 536KB). From Plant Talk No. 43, pages 32-35 (2006). Reproduced with permission.