Plants are essential to everyone's lives. Welcome to Plantlife.

What you can do

Everyone can play an important role in the conservation of medicinal plants. All efforts - large and small - will contribute, provided that everyone pulls together in the same direction.

  • Consumers, through giving attention to the sustainability of their herbal purchases.
  • Community development workers, through ensuring that herbal resources are available for local treatments, income generation and cultural strengthening.
  • Land and resource managers, through giving special attention to the conservation and sustainable use of these often neglected resources.
  • Manufacturers of medicines and botanical products, through taking care that their botanical ingredients come from sustainable sources.
  • Policy makers, through creating laws and regulations that favour the conservation of medicinal plants, and their equitable and sustainable use.
  • Scientists, through working with communities to bring the benefits of science (combined with local knowledge) to devising solutions to issues of conservation and development.

Who will benefit?

  • Those using local plants for treatments, knowing that these resources are still available.
  • Everyone, through the availability from trade and industry of existing or novel medicines.
  • Local communities, proud to retain plants that are part of their cultural heritage.
  • Traditional doctors, who can continue to follow their professions.
  • Those involved in the medicinal plant trade (such as collectors of wild plants, growers, traders and manufacturers), assured of a continuing income.
  • Crop breeders and healthcare developers, through having access to a diversity of species and varieties of medicinal plants to develop new crops and medicines.
  • And, of course, all those who care for conservation of the botanical diversity of the world as a whole, aware of its endangerment and the special responsibility of current generations for its survival.