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Campaigning for change

Road verge campaign

Our road verges could supply vital food and shelter for our declining wildlife whilst taking safety into account. Help us convince your council.

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Saving meadows

A staggering 97% of meadows have been lost in the last 75 years. We believe that if we give our meadow plants and wildlife the opportunity, they will return.

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Pledge for the Environment

As the enormity of the country’s decision to leave the EU sinks in, let's ask our MPs to make a Pledge for the Environment...

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Keeping the "wild" in wildflower

Off-the-shelf wildflower mixes provide an instant hit of pollen, nectar and seed. But to keep the wild in wildflower, we need a different approach.

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Non-native, invasive plants

Environmental damage caused by certain invasive, non-native plants can be irreversible and destroy many of our national natural treasures. Stopping their sale could limit future infestations.

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