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What do I do if I already have invasive non native species?

Compost with care

NEVER release ANY garden or aquarium plants into the wild -

* Don't tip them down land drains

* Don't dump them in the countryside

* Don't throw them into your normal waste bin

The bottom line is to 'Compost With Care' (see box, right).

In addition, the following prevent their spread in the wild:

  • Dispose of plant matter responsibly by composting or using a local garden waste rubbish collection (not your normal bin collection).
  • Clean your footwear after you’ve been managing your pond. Fragments can be transported in the tread of shoes and even a 5mm fragment of New Zealand Pigmyweed Crassula helmsii is sufficient to cause an invasion of another waterbody. So if you take part in water activities like fishing or kayaking, clean boats and all equipment before transporting them from one waterbody to another.
  • Don't give away excess problem plants from your pond, aquarium or garden to your friends. This will simply spread the problem to them too.

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