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Saving Meadows

Once the colourful mantle of our green and pleasant land, a staggering 97% of meadows have been lost in the last 75 years.

With no quick fix it is even more important to conserve our remaining historic meadows. We know that they continue to be lost, often being particularly vulnerable when land changes ownership and management practices alter. The establishment of new meadows is also vital, not only to help meadows return to be part of the British countryside but also to prevent them being all but lost entirely. This is what Plantlife is working to achieve, through initiatives such as those outlined below. Together with agri-environment schemes to support wildlife-friendly farming we believe that if we give our meadow plants and wildlife the opportunity, they will return.

How Plantlife is campaigning to save meadows:


Reversing the Trend

In July 2014, 100 people gathered at a conference in Sussex to discuss the future of meadows in the UK. The aim was to explore how to reverse te decline in flower-rich meadows. Find out what was discussed and what actions can be taken.

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Coronation Meadows

At the end of 2012, HRH The Prince of Wales suggested a remarkable nationwide project – a meadow in every county to mark the anniversary of The Queen’s coronation. Dubbed 'Coronation Meadows' we've been working with our partners to fulfil his vision.

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Save Our Magnificent Meadows

From the lowland meadows of East Lothian and the grasslands of Fermanagh, to the rush pastures of west Wales and the hillside grasslands of the Cotswolds and North Downs, the HLF funded Magnificent Meadows project is taking emergency action to prevent their disappearance.

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