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Securing the future for Fen Orchid (Norfolk Broads & Ant Valley)

Fen orchid (Liparis loeselii) is a beautiful, diminutive orchid on the Critically Endangered plant list.

It has only ever been known from 33 sites in England but is now entirely confined to a handful, one of them in the Norfolk Broads Area.  

Plantlife aims to secure the future of fen orchid in England by restoring self-sustaining populations to five sites over the next two to three years, with further potential new sites to be identified in future. 

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Our goals:

  • Translocate 12 living fen orchid plants within the confines of Sutton Fen, to perfect the process (to ensure plants survive and other species are not relocated unintentionally).
  • Translocate 25-50 plants on sites within the Ant Valley to form the core of a restored population at each site. 
  • Collect population data from all sites for five years.


Securing a future for...

Fen orchid (Liparis loeselii)

Who are we working with?