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Council Supporters

Xena Dion - Borough of Poole

"As elected members representing local residents we take our responsibilities for the natural environment very seriously and fully support this project. We are delighted to be working in partnership with charities such as 'Plantlife' to promote the re-colonisation of areas of Poole with suitable natural flora that are so important."

"By changing the way that some of our grass lands are managed, the variety of wildlife will certainly increase which has a long-term positive impact on our natural environment which we hope will be appreciated by all our local residents."

Councillor Xena Dion, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for a Prosperous and Sustainable Poole, Borough of Poole


Cllr Maurren Cummings - Wakefield

Wakefield Council’s Cabinet member for Environment and Communities, Cllr Maureen Cummings said: “ We are delighted to part of this new campaign to carry on maintaining the wonderful landscapes of Wakefield.

We will be working with Plantlife to look after displays of wild flower which add beauty to the district plus providing food and habitat to wildlife.”


Jonathan Groom, Biodiversity Data Officer - Shopshire Council

“We at Shropshire Council fully support the Plantlife Road Verge Campaign, and we are in the process of putting measures into place to improve the management of our mowing regimes, using the guidelines provided by Plantlife. It is a challenging task and to help us to gather information about the wildflower rich verges in our county, we have set up an on-line reporting form to enable members of the public to inform us where these are located. Please help us by reporting any verges you think are particularly valuable for wildflowers at Shropshire is well-known for its natural environment and biodiversity and we want to do our best to maintain this.”