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Flowers on the edge

Road verges are where we are most likely to see wild flowers in our day-to-day lives. From cheerful dandelions to glamorous orchids, enjoy our selection of 20 wayside flowers - and let us know which your favourite is.

And if we've missed out your top choice, why not add your own to our gallery page? Email us with the details.

What are the main threats to wayside flowers?

Cut too often

Quite simply, too much cutting at the wrong time of year before flowers have had time to set seed and when they are still providing a crucial nectar and pollen source to insects.

Mowings not collected

After cutting, the mowings are left to rot on the verge, which chokes delicate plants growing and boosts the nutrient levels in the soil.


Road verges receive some of the highest dosages of airborne pollutants in the country, and the nutrient rich compounds in these can enrich the soil, allowing a small group of guzzling plants such as nettles and cow parsley to grow at such a rate that more specialised plants don’t stand a chance.

The 5 most threatened species...

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