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Adopt a Botanist £2,500

Do you know someone passionate about the conservation of our wild plants who would relish an afternoon looking at rare species with an expert- then why not adopt a Plantlife botanist?

Your donation will support the vital fieldwork carried out by our leading botanists. To say ‘Thank you’ we are offering the chance to spend the afternoon with your chosen botanist on one of their fieldwork trips*.

*Dates and locations will be based on the botanist’s fieldwork timetables

We have four botanists for adoption:


Andy Byfield

Landscape Conservation Manager (SW England)

A co-founder of Plantlife Andy, is an all-round authority on the plant conservation within Britain and Europe.



Davie Black

Conservation Officer (Scotland)

Davie works with volunteer surveyors on our "Back from the Brink" project, conserving palnts that are rare and at risk.



Tim Pankhurst

Regional Conservation Manager (East of England)

Tim works and advises on plant conservation in East Anglia, particularly those in fen and heathland habitats.



Dr Trevor Dines

Conservation Manager (Wales)

Trevor undertakes conservation work on highly threatened plants in various habitats across Wales.