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Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a tax-effective way of giving money to charity from your pay.

Payroll Giving works by asking your employer to deduct a regular charity donation from your pay. The amount is taken after National Insurance but before Pay as You Earn tax which therefore means that if you gave £10 a month as a basic rate tax payer it would only cost you £8.00 because you would save £2.00 in tax.

If your employer offers Payroll Giving then you will need to ask for a form from your Payroll Department. If your employer is not already signed up with a Payroll Giving Agency then why not use the Charities Trust.

The Payroll Giving Agency will deduct a fee from your donation before passing the money onto Plantlife, this fee is normally nominal and depends upon the Payroll Giving Agency being used.