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How your legacy could make a difference

Lugg Meadow reserve © Chris Harris/Plantlife

A recent legacy has enabled Plantlife to acquire a two-acre extension to its Lugg Meadow nature reserve in Herefordshire. The meadow is the country’s largest surviving example of a Lammas meadow, a communal agricultural system that dates back to medieval times. Visually dramatic this sweeping expanse of floodplain supports an important flora including snakeshead fritillary, pepper saxifrage and narrow–leaved water-dropwort.

A gift to Plantlife will be used to:

  • Protect the most threatened landscapes.
  • Save vulnerable wild plants and fungi and prevent common plants becoming scarce
  • Inspire in others a love of wild plants and nature

A gift could be used to rescue and restore endangered habitats through pioneering conservation work, or drive policy and positive action on wild plant conservation and global environmental threats. It could be used to safeguard more of our land as nature reserves, or to improve the floral richness and wildlife of the land we manage. It could enhance our work on public awareness and education or to fund research. Whatever it is used for, we will always keep our Legacy Promise to you:

Our Legacy Promise

  1. We understand your Will is personal to you and promise to respect your privacy
  2. We will never ask you the size or type of gift if you decide to support our work this way
  3. We recognise, that rightly, your own family and friends come first in your will
  4. Because of the difference gifts in Wills make to Plantlife we will continue to encourage people to leave a gift but we understand that it is your decision which needs to be made in your own time
  5. We would love to hear if you have left a gift, so that we can thank you, but there is no pressure to say so or to keep us informed of any changes to your intentions. If you would prefer us to leave you alone, just let us know
  6. We fully understand that personal circumstances change and there may be a time when you change your mind about a gift in your Will to Plantlife
  7. We promise to use your gift wisely and ensure it has the greatest impact
  8. We will handle whatever gift you leave us with respect and sensitivity

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