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Your will is an opportunity to ensure your possessions and property go where you wish and that your family and friends are provided for. Once you have looked after your loved ones it is also a chance to remember your favourite charity. Making and changing your Will is easier then you may think. Some frequently asked questions are answered below and more information about making a Will and leaving a legacy to Plantlife can be found in our legacy guide:

Frequently asked questions:

What can I leave?

Every gift in every Will makes a difference however larger or small. You can leave any share, percentage or fraction to anyone or any charity. For example this could be 1% to your favourite charity. 

There are three main ways you can leave a gift to Plantlife in your Will:

  • Residuary Legacy – when you leave the residue/or a share of the residue of your estate – i.e. what is left when all other gifts and liabilities have been paid
  • Pecuniary Legacy- when you leave a fixed sum of money
  • Specific Gift – when you leave a specific item such as land, a house or an item of value

Because it is likely that Plantlife will not receive your gift for sometime after you have made your Will; not specifying in your Will how we should use your gift allows us to use it for the most urgent action required at the time. However if you would particularly like your gift to be linked to a specific area of our work please contact us before you finalise your Will. We can then be certain that we are able to meet your wishes and that your gift provides a true testament of your love of wild plants and natural heritage. 

How do I make a Will?

When making a will please always seek professional advice. Local wills and probate solicitors in your area can be found at More information about making a Will and leaving a legacy to Plantlife can be found in our legacy guide:

How can I change an existing Will?

The easiest ways to make additions or minor alterations is by making a Codacil. Using a Codicil you can add an instruction without having to amend any of the terms of your existing Will. If you wish to add a gift to Plantlife, for example, you could use our example form (available to download below).

We always recommend that your codicil is checked by a solicitor. For more information about making a Will and leaving a legacy to Plantlife download our legacy guide:

What information will I need to include if leaving a gift to Plantlife?

You will need our name, our address and our registered charity number, which are as follows:

14 Rollestone Street,
Charity Registered in England & Wales 1059559.
Charity Registered in Scotland SCO38951

Can I save Inheritance Tax with my gift?

Charitable gifts are exempt from inheritance tax and any charitable gifts left in your will are taken out of your estate before tax is calculated. If your estate is above the inheritance tax threshold of £325,000 (2014) then a gift to charity could reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax payable. In addition, changes to the law in 2012 also mean that, if you leave 10 % of your estate to charity the tax due on your estate as a whole may be paid at a reduced rate. For further up-to-date information, please consult a solicitor or see the government’s web page.

Can I speak to anyone about leaving a gift to Plantlife?

Please contact Gabriella Keaney on 01722 342751 or email if you would like to discuss leaving a gift to Plantlife in your Will.

Information for Executors

If Plantlife is a beneficiary in a Will that you are administrating please contact Gabriella Keaney on the number and email above or write to:

14 Rollestone Street,