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Personal stories: why we left a legacy to Plantlife

Plantlife member Robert Cook explains why he decided to leave a legacy to Plantlife.

Robert Cook

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“When first asked if I would like to leave money to Plantlife, my initial reaction was ‘Why?’ Thinking about it more, however, forced me to consider what I thought about the world, the effects we humans are having on it, and the future I will not see.

I have a deep connection to plants, having spent my career as a crop scientist, developing ways of helping plants produce more food. In my lifetime I have witnessed the increasing pressure on land for food and fuel, and our wildlife suffer as a result. Plants are the basis of all life on Earth, yet they don’t attract the publicity or emotional appeal of birds, butterflies or other wildlife. That’s why Plantlife, as an international voice for the role of plants, is so important. Plantlife shares my view that plants deserve more support, not only for their key role in maintaining biodiversity, but also because they’re vital to human survival, through such things as medicine, fuel and food.

I hope that my legacy will help Plantlife invest in projects which not only protect our environment, but also encourage the exploitation of plants to the benefit of man in the most efficient way possible.”

Dr Yvonne Elaine Atkinson (Mrs Yvonne Elaine Johnson) remembered Plantlife in her Will. Yvonne’s husband and family have said:

Yvonne Johnson

Yvonne Johnson

“Whether immersed in the chaotic beauty of wilderness and in awe of nature's own sustainability; or enjoying the tranquillity of a structured garden, Yvonne loved and appreciated the complex diversity of plant life. In a world often damaged by human influence she would be happy knowing that her bequest has benefitted our planet."

Plantlife recognised this gift through dedicating an acre of our Ryewater Farm nature reserve in memory of Yvonne. The reserve was acquired by Plantlife in 1997 which is the same year that Yvonne became a member of Plantlife.

We would like to give our thanks to Yvonne and all those who remember Plantlife in their Will.