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Cowslip © Beth Halski

© Beth Halski

The issues

More than any other habitat, grasslands define the British countryside. However, much of our natural grassland has been lost. Did you know, for example, that 97% of our meadows have been lost since the 1930s? Find out what has gone wrong and what can be done.

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Early purple orchid © Beth Halski

© Beth Halski

The flora

Grasslands are home to some of our most cherished and charismatic wild flowers, from flamboyant orchids and striking gentians to gem-like waxcap fungi and the honey-scent of lady's bedstraw. Click below to browse some common - and not-so common - plants to look out for.

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Ragged robin at Joans Hill Farm © Plantlife/Chris Harris

© Plantlife/Chris Harris

The sites

Great Britain is home to a wide range of grasslands from the machair and coastal pastures of Scotland’s islands and highlands to the chalk grasslands of England’s downlands. Here's where you can find them: browse our list of Coronation Meadows and Important Plant Areas.

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Publication © Plantlife

© Plantlife

Advice and information

From identification guides for the amateur botanist to practical advice for land owners and managers, Plantlife has produced a range of publications to help both celebrate and conserve our native woodland flora and habitat.

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