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Heathland: Breckland project

The issues

Heathlands are a distinctive and special part of the British landscape, and represent one of our rarest landscapes. Despite this they have historically often been regarded as mere wasteland. What are the threats and what can be done?

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Heathland: Cross-leaved heath

The flora

From the classic image of gorse and heather to the miniature world of lichens and mosses. The poor soils of heathland means that plants here have to be highly specialised to survive. Click below to browse some common - and not-so common - ones to look out for.

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Heathland: Orkney

The sites

There are 150 areas across the UK that Plantlife believes are exceptional when it comes to wild plants and fungi. These 'Important Plant Areas' include some of our most famous heathlands and some, perhaps, a little less well known. Click below to find out if there's one near you.

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