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Wetland: Reedmaces

The issues

Our water-meadows, marshes, bogs and fens have all been hit hard in recent times, with many having vanished altogether. What has been the cause and how has it impacted our native flora?

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Wetland: Grass of Parnassus

The flora

Home to carnivorous sundews, whispering rushes and the cold, star-like beauty of Grass of Parnassus, our wetlands are rich with wild flowers. Click below to browse some common - and not-so common - plants to look out for.

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Wetland: Munsary

The sites

There are 150 areas across the UK that Plantlife believes are exceptional when it comes to wild plants and fungi. These 'Important Plant Areas' include some of our most famous wetlands and some, perhaps, a little less well known. Click below to find out if there's one near you.

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Arable: publications

Advice and information

From identification guides for the amateur botanist to practical advice for land owners and managers, Plantlife has produced a range of publications to help both celebrate and conserve our native wetland flora and habitat.

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