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Woodland: Common Rugstill

The issues

The UK is home to a variety of woodlands, from the “Celtic Rainforests” of Scotland and Wales, internationally important for lichens and mosses to the bluebell-filled ash woods of England. We have more woodland than we did 20 years ago. Yet plants, birds and butterflies continue to decline. Why is this happening and what can be done?

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Woodland: Wood sorrel

The flora

From the carpets of bluebells and wood anemones in spring to the miniature wonders of our lichens and mosses, Britain's woodlands are exceptional. Discover some common - and not-so common - plants to look out for and discover the ten we believe are most at risk.

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The woodlands

There are 150 areas across the UK that Plantlife believes are exceptional when it comes to wild plants and fungi. These 'Important Plant Areas' include some of our most famous woodlands and some, perhaps, a little less well known. Click below to find out if there's one near you.

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Advice and information

From identification guides for the amateur botanist to practical advice for land owners and managers, Plantlife has produced a range of publications to help both celebrate and conserve our native woodland flora and habitat.

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