What is it?

Summer flowering perennial with large, daisy flowers.


Height: 1m. Spread: 0.5cm

Where to grow

Sunny wildflower meadow or border with well drained soil.

Distribution Map

Blue dots: native.
Red dots: introductions.
© BSBI & BRC, reproduced with permission.

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Epitomising the glory of summer meadows in full bloom, oxeye daisies are a welcome addition to a wild garden or border.

Our largest-flowered native daisy, this perennial will happily seed itself around, especially in a wildflower meadow or sunny border. The attractive leaves are glossy green and toothed and each slender stems bears one of the familiar flowers. The plants spread to form neat clumps and, if allowed, large numbers of plants will grow together en masse, creating spectacular displays. This often happens in newly established wildflower meadows. They prefer to seed into bare soil so sites with a little bit of soil disturbance are best.    

Oxeye daisies are common and sometimes abundant in England, Wales and Ireland, but less frequent in northern Scotland. They prefer grassy sites, especially meadows and pastures, but are also found along coastal cliffs, on dunes as well as waste ground and by railways. They are often sown on roadside verges, producing continuous ribbons of colour.

Although individual plants can be quite short-lived, oxeye daisies will seed themselves around and germinate readily in disturbed, open soil. They prefer well-drained, neutral or lime-rich soils and do best in full sunlight. Propagation is easy by sowing fresh seed in the summer or autumn and planting out the following spring.

Oxeye daisies at Plantlife's Cae Blaen-dyffryn reserve, Carmarthenshire © Trevor Dines/Plantlife

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