We’ve teamed up with John Chambers Wildflower Seeds to bring you an exciting range of species and exclusive seed mixtures to grow in your garden.

John Chambers Wildflower Seed has a 30 year history of supplying high-quality native British wildflower seed and is the largest independent supplier of wildflower seeds in the UK. All their seed is sourced and grown within the UK.

25 pence from the sale of each packet will help support Plantlife in our work conserve wild flowers and keep the colour in our countryside.

Individual species

In the Plantlife shop, you’ll find plants for sunny conditions, shady spots, dry soil and even pond plants to grow. As well as perennial favourites like primrose, foxglove and oxeye daisy, you’ll find more unusual garden plants to try, such as thrift, heather and yellow iris.  

Exclusive mixtures

We’ve also developed our own unique range of 10 different seed mixtures, each one tailored for the different conditions that you might have in your garden:

Around the pond: Plants that relish the really wet conditions found around ponds or bog gardens, including water avens, meadowsweet, ragged-Robin, water-mint and marsh woundwort.

Cornfield jewels: The shining jewels of our summer cornfields, these are bright and easy-to grow annuals that spring up in cultivated soil, such as corn marigold, corncockle, common poppy, corn chamomile and field pansy.

Damp, wet feet: Perfect for growing in a damp border, for naturalising in a wet meadow or for trying in those slightly drier areas around a pond. Includes wild angelica, snake's-head fritillary, gipsywort, cuckooflower and devil's-bit scabious.

Dry sand underfoot: These are flowers that demand perfect drainage and thrive in sunny spots in a poor, well-drained sandy soil, including wild carrot, kidney vetch, viper's-bugloss and harebell.

Liking it limey: For those of you lucky enough to have chalk or limestone soils, a lovely mix of flowers that will thrive in the sun, including salad burnet, cowslip, greater knapweed, wild marjoram, hoary plantain and small scabious.

Meadow maker: A starter mix of easy species to get a wildflower meadow off to a good start in a sunny spot on most garden soils, with flowers including lady’s bedstraw, bird's-foot-trefoil, meadow buttercup, oxeye daisy, selfheal and yarrow.

Meadow maker+: A more diverse mix of species to establish a wildflower meadow that will put on a really good floral display, including cowslip, common knapweed, betony, red clover, yellow rattle, common vetch and common sorrel.

Perfect for pollinators: A species-rich mix packed with nectar and pollen rich flowers to keep the bees, hoverflies, butterflies and other pollinators happy from spring to autumn. Includes betony, wild carrot, greater knapweed, wild marjoram, mustard garlic, field scabious, teasel and viper's-bugloss.

Rooted in clay: Some wild flowers relish having their feet in damp, heavy clay soils, so here’s a mixture for those of you that might be struggling with such conditions. Includes meadow buttercup, cowslip, rough hawkbit, selfheal, yarrow and yellow rattle.

Shady characters: Dappled shade under the trees can be a difficult spot to get some colour, so here’s a selection of flowers that thrive in woodland conditions, including giant bellflower, primrose, rough chervil, foxglove, wood vetch, ransoms and hedge woundwort.