Like lots of other gardeners, many of the plants we grow have come from family and friends over the years – a cutting from this, a bit of seed from that, a root from something else. Gardeners have a generosity of spirit that means you rarely come away from a garden visit empty handed.

We want to encourage this giving of garden plants and celebrate the heritage of our wild flowers in gardens. Pass on something special to someone special. 


#PledgeAPlant is a commitment to give a cutting, division or seed of a special plant from your own garden to someone else. It may be a niece or nephew, a mother or father, a son or daughter, or a friend or colleague, anyone that you think will love receiving a special plant from you

Tell us on Twitter and Instagram what plant you’re giving from your garden and why. If you want to include a photo that would be great - just make sure you tag your post with #PledgeAPlant.

You can also pledge to support Plantlife in its mission to save wildflowers, other plants and the landscapes in which they grow.

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